Piemonte Dolcetto

Roero Arneis

Gavi di Gavi


From the heart of Monferrato, the finest expression of Cortese

considered to be one of the greatest Piedmontese white wines, Gavi di Gavi represents the essence of the Cortese grape, cultivated in the Monferrato area, on the border with Liguria. Here, the winds that blow in from the sea enable the creation of a wine that is always crisp, with pleasant, almost salty, mineral notes, perfect for aperitifs or to pair with fish.

technical information



Production area

Rovereto and its surrounding distric of Gavi village

Vineyard exposure

south-east, south-west


middle of september


excellent as an aperitif, it is its very best served with starters and fish and shellfish dishes. Its the perfect summer wine, but its gastronomic pairings know no seasonal limits.